Blue Badge Tourist Guides love to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for areas in which they are qualified to guide.  Being able to interpret and open people’s eyes to a new way of ‘seeing’ is a highly rewarding experience for any tourist guide.

And almost anyone can become a guide.  All you need is enthusiasm, a friendly attitude and a love of history.  The necessary background knowledge, skills and experience will develop over time, given appropriate training.

If anyone is interested in becoming a Blue Badge Tourist Guide, a new training course for Cumbria is starting this year under the tutelage of my experienced colleague, Tess Pike:

‘I aim to give my audience an insight into what being a tourist guide actually entails. I’m sure many of you will have been on a guided tour in this country or abroad and wondered what actually goes on behind the scenes. Find out what training to be a guide involves, learn about the trials and tribulations of guiding and, once qualified, embark on a new career with “The Best Job in the World”.

You can have a ‘preview taste’ of what it is like being a guide by joining Tess’s virtual tour tomorrow, on Zoom, starting at 7.00 pm.  To book your place, go to

To register your interest in becoming a Blue Badge Tourist Guide, contact Tess on 07778 145 156 or email

For a prospectus and application form, please visit